Danni Statham

Our lovely transatlantic stylist Danni came to Peter Prosser just over two years ago. Hailing from Minnesota, USA, Danni trained with Aveda, but found herself moving across the pond for love, and is now happily married to a Herefordian!

Upon her arrival in Hereford, Danni asked around as to who was the byline in hairdressing talent, and time and time again, she was given the name Peter Prosser.  “I didn’t want just any old 9-5 salon job either”, Danni said, “I wanted to work somewhere I could be creative, and Peter Prosser certainly offered me that. The opportunities are limitless with Peter Prosser.”

Another aspect Danni was struck by upon her initial visit to the salon was the warm environment, “I loved how everyone was so supportive of one another, no one is in competition with another, and it’s like a family.”

This is also why Danni loves being part of the Art Team, “we truly get along, and will always share ideas with one another!”

Danni hopes to continue her hard work within the Peter Prosser salon, and would one day love to be a Creative Director, although she stresses, not for a fair few years yet!