John Lucock


John Lucock has had an incredible hairdressing career that spans across 26 years. His talent has seen him abroad, having worked the majority of his profession in Germany’s capital and cultural hub, Berlin.

Having been a hairdresser since the age of 16, John always knew it was the vocation for him. Whilst living abroad in Berlin, John happened to pick up a hairdressing magazine, and came across the 2004 Midlands Hairdresser of the Year Award winning collection, by none other than Peter Prosser.

“I was hugely impressed with the collection, and immediately rang my Mum, who still lives in my hometown of Hereford” Says John, “She told me about Peter Prosser, and I knew I had to go and see them.”

John flew home, and landed a job with Peter Prosser, which effectively ended his time in Berlin.

Now, as an integral part of the Art Team, John still finds himself learning new skills, and highly values the input of his peers, who he accredits as an inspirational source, “No matter how much experience you have, you can always learn something new. To be surrounded by such talent at Peter Prosser is incredible.” John says.

In 2011 John took to the stage to present the 2011 collection, Paolozzi at renowned Hair Show, Salon International, which see’s hairdressers and manufacturers from around the Globe descend on London to witness all things hair.

“It was such a buzz!” Says John “It was nerve-racking, tiring, and terrifying, but still the best thing I have done in my career to date!”