Peter Prosser Hairdressing

Peter Prosser Hairdressing is a salon brand located in the heart of Hereford, in the West Midlands.   A local brand synonymous with award winning creativity, excellent customer care, leading employment opportunities, a centre for government-approved training and an active charity fundraiser.   Peter Prosser is a local business with a national reputation that plays an integral part within their community.

Located in a predominantly rural community, Peter Prosser Hairdressing operates out of three, state of the art, inner city-salons.   The business was launched in 1998 by husband and wife Peter and Tracey Prosser.   Initially located in a small salon on the first floor of Number 6 Church Street, the salon has witnessed exciting growth.   Now boasting three salons, the business aims to cater for ever corner of the local market, from women’s hairdressing to specialised men’s barbering, artistic work, and training.