Peter Prosser Hairdressing

Employing over fifty staff, Peter Prosser Hairdressing is one of the largest independent commercial employers in the county.  Offering young, local students a reason to stay and forge a career in the area whilst promoting the future of the British hairdressing industry and the future of Peter Prosser Hairdressing.   With education at the heart of their ethos, they run dynamic training in hairdressing for students as young as fourteen.

Recognised as being devoted fundraisers, charity is a daily part of the business at Peter Prosser Hairdressing, St. Michael’s Hospice, The Courtyard Centre for the Arts and Noah’s Ark Trust.   Tracey is a trustee of the Little Princess Trust, a local charity set up to help children suffering hair loss due to a terminal illness.  Her role within the charity has meant that the salon has become an integral part of the fundraising effort.  Centre for the Arts there is always a fundraising event afoot.  May 2010 witnessed a large-scale fashion show predominantly organised by Peter Prosser Hairdressing, to help raise funds for three local charities.  Over four hundred attended, and the event was one of the largest fashion fundraising shows that the county has ever seen, reiterating why they are a salon integral to their local community.