Meet Peter Prosser

Peter Prosser Art Team 17848


Peter Prosser started in hairdressing aged just 13. “It was my father’s idea,” says Peter. “He was in the motor trade but suggested hairdressing as a good career choice as people would always need a haircut.” So an apprenticeship was sought and he trained in a Hereford salon on a three-year, 100 guinea apprenticeship.

After gaining some experience, Peter’s dad then funded Peter to go into partnership with another Hereford hairdresser, a business which successfully developed into seven salons over three decades.

The millennium then saw Peter deciding to go it alone in business with his wife. Working out of one of the partnership’s original Hereford sites – a first floor salon – it wasn’t long before Peter took over the ground floor premises – a dress shop – reconfiguring the business to create the salon on the ground floor, the colour department on the second floor.